The Freedom Lab!

I want to bring a project to life that has been simmering in me since my late teens. It has taken many forms but there has been something essential to its nature that has continued throughout. I’ve decided to blog about it as a way of both developing it and recording its progress. I’ve also decided to post at least one blog each day for 100 days as a motivator, because I’m lazy. It won’t necessarily be full blogs, but some form of progress, process, development etc., what is happening with the creation of the project. A bit rough and ready, but with the idea of trying shit out!

So, on to the project!

I have a very strong sense of direction, but because of the co-creative nature of the project, its form is very, errrrm, unformed. I want to create a space for us to create together, as one collective, but with each of our own individual creative passions and potential. At this point it would probably follow a similar structure to a 5Rhythms (or any ecstatic dance/movement meditation practice) class in that it would move through a wave but instead of just dancing people would be able to participate with their own deepest passion and creative expression. Maybe that is dance, maybe it’s music, singing, drumming, dj’ing, or maybe it’s some kind of visual art. Although not limited to, this work really benefits from live expression. At the same time I want to stress that this is more about what we create together, meaning that we all have totally different ways of seeing things, desires etc. and I want a forum that is truly open. There would also be no real teacher/leader/facilitator; it would literally be co-created in the moment, together. An original co-created art form that would always be new and ever changing. Now if all of this is a bit vague, or doesn’t make sense, don’t worry! If you are least a little bit interested I will be elaborating on this, clarifying and articulating as I go. My plan is to not just articulate the ideas myself but start to explore this with others and see if there is both interest in a project like this, and also start to get input into what it could look like.

There are many influences that have come together to create the impulse for this project. These include, in no particular order:

  •   Powerful transcendent experiences (some may or may not have been influenced by mind altering thingamyjigs) during my teenage years, that led to a committed exploration of the inner life;
  • Powerful transcendent experiences (seems to be a theme here ;)) through dance, but also just the simple and direct experience of dance itself, for its own sake;
  • 15 years involvement with an intense, committed, crazy spiritual community that was trying to create a collective culture grounded in the spiritual revelation of oneness, oh and also the tumultuous and deeply liberating dissolution of this community (I think I learnt more from the latter!);
  • Getting involved with conscious dance/movement practices, especially 5rhythms, and also the form of a wave that is often used in these practices;
  • A passion for conscious performance that began with a vision of performance art that is motivated by the essence of what life is (I guess it always is!), driving me to get involved in the spiritual life (not sure what that actually means anymore) in a more committed way (I basically gave up what was my life at that point and joined a cult!) to bring this vision to life, and led to a very powerful collaboration project where I worked with a live musician, projection artist and myself as the dancer/director to create a truly integrated experience that would communicate the direct experience of life as movement and stillness as one thing;
  • Collaborating with others in co-creative events that included live music, talks, comedy performance etc.;
  • Oh, and the most important part of all, the unfolding beauty and love that is my life with my wife and our little daughter Joy!

To be continued…


  1. Ereni Mendrinos · September 1, 2016

    Wow Jody 😉
    Why are you doing this to me ?
    Since we going away . ;( sob sob
    Only kidding buster
    It’s beautiful 🙂
    And hoping could be global ?
    Hope so 😉
    Much much love
    Ereni xxx


    • Jody Paterson · September 2, 2016

      Yes global!! Let’s work towards some kind of retreat next year! 🙂


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