Real Live Collaboration!

As a dancer I love to collaborate with musicians, especially when it is done live. This clip surfaced 5 years ago and seems to have re-emerged on the wonderful interweb. It captures such a powerful and unique expression of collaboration.

I’d never really seen anything like it. This type of dancing yes, as I followed a lot of the emerging street-dance movement, which has probably been the biggest influence in my own style of dance. But this co-created work of art transmits the sheer beauty of dance, movement and collaboration directly, without filter.

As Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck fly over the edge of their own creative expressions they seem to disappear as separate artists, merging into one symphony of dynamic creativity. It all unfolds in real time with Lil Buck essentially free styling as Yo-Yo Ma plays a written piece, but with immediate presence. Dancer and music are one; what emerges is something truly original and could only have been born out of this way of creating together. A profound trust, not only in their own abilities as artists, but in the unfolding beauty of what can emerge when you collaborate with another, or others, and the life is really a mysterious adventure.

These are the kinds of inspirations that have led to want to create a project that is based on trusting deeply together in direct and spontaneous collaboration.

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