Highfalutin Words!

What happens when you bring your natural creative expression together with others in a co-creative dance of spontaneous unfoldment? Hopefully not just a bunch of highfalutin words! 

Do you love to dance? Are you a passionate singer or rapper? How about a natural facilitator or someone who lights up people’s minds with your artistic creations? Whatever passion burns inside you it’s possible to set this free together with others and literally create as one. I’m not talking about melting into an amorphous blob of we, some unconscious collective borg state, but consciously letting go of self-concern in relationship with others.

So much of what limits us comes down to how we relate to one another, to each other as an other. If you start with the premise that we are actually one, and engage consciously in this process together we can free not only ourselves, but each other from the limiting shackles that hold us back mentally, emotionally and of course creatively. Many of us yearn for relief from the ongoing torment of tension and pressure we experience from life. We often find different ways of dealing with this reality; some of us meditate, dance, go on retreats, create, love, etc. In this spirit I am attempting to bring the essence of this impulse in us together in a free container where we can truly be ourselves, together; where there are no limits or pre-defined paths to  what can emerge.

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