Oh creativity you wicked beast!

There really is an art to writing blogs, and of course writing in general. I’ve only ever really dabbled with it. I’ve enjoyed deeply inspired moments where I’ve been able to express real depth and poetic words writing about my own experiences, especially those from the spiritual domain. I’ve dabbled with poetry and even tried to write rap songs, but I’ve never really committed myself to learning this amazing art form, which is such a profoundly important dimension to this world and the reality we are living in today, whatever that may be!

It’s never been the most immediate creative love for me, there’s always been something else. First art, when I was young, and then dance. Oooooooh dance! My lover, my friend. That fire that engulfed me during those self-conscious teenage years and helped me grow up. I felt like super-man, but instead of a phone booth I walked through the nightclub doors and onto the dance-floor and poooooof, magic would happen, I felt untouchable! Dance was not only a deeply creative process for me, it was also like some kind of spiritual practice I was engaging in, that I had no idea I was doing, or where it was taking me. It led me to very deep states of surrender, it changed my life.

I’ve never thrown myself into writing with the same consistent abandon as I have done with dance, but right now I feel like I’m beginning to. It’s the eighth day in a row that I have written a blog and the consistency is both challenging and exciting. I’ve had blogs that have almost written themselves, and then others, like this one, that have gone through many twists and turns, and multiple re-writes. The creative process is a wild son of a bitch. It can be your best friend and your worst enemy. In one second you can go from feeling on top of the world to a worthless piece of shit. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh I hate this! WOWOWOW I love it! Creativity is ruthless. It takes you by the balls and says “do something!” It’s that impulse that wants to be expressed through you and it doesn’t really care how you feel about it. Like right now in this moment. I’ve just spent the last couple of hours flailing about in the dark, trying to write this piece, then BANG! and all of a sudden inspiration hits. My hands fingers can’t keep up with speed at which the words are streaming through me. I’m trying to express how this is all happening, trying to figure it out, but you can’t! I guess that’s why we need to practice. To get ourselves ready so we can let go, whenever that creative force comes knocking. Or maybe with all the practice we knock on the door and creativity opens, with a BANG!

With writing I’ve always just tried to be spontaneous and never really put the time and energy into developing the craft, like I did with dance. Actually I’ve always had more of a bias towards the more spontaneous side of creativity, it comes natural to me, and is also what I am passionate about developing The Freedom Lab project; creating a forum for natural spontaneous creativity to be expressed and explored  between people. But there is also a fundamental aspect to creativity being able to express itself, spontaneous or not, where it needs a strong ground in order to come through. This is where practice comes in. Commitment, development, struggle. Our passion, our skills and art, need to be developed over time so the creative energy come inside and have it’s wicked way with us!

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  1. Faheem · September 6, 2016

    Looks like that impulse is keeping you up late, new born in the house usually means sleep deprivation by another means! Thanks for sharing what you’re up to these days.


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