I think I just came Home!

Wow what a beautiful and totally uplifting evening! I just danced my ass off at an incredible 5Rhythms class called Home taught by a fabulous teacher, Liz Baron Cohen.

I haven’t danced like that for a very long time! It was like being transported to another dimension where life has not limits, swept into a vortex of infinite energy and creativity! Sorry for the hyperbole but my head has just been blown right off! I used to dance in this way in my clubbing days, and reached heights of surrender through dance that opened parts of myself I could never have imagined, but I’m getting a little old for all that now!

So in that respect 5Rhythms is perfect. In London you can basically go out any day of the week and totally lose it on the dance-floor, and still be home by bedtime. I’ve been going to 5Rhythms for a couple of years and in that whole time tonight was by far one of the best classes I’ve been to. It was my first time at this specific class and for some reason it pushed me over that edge into that unknown place of free and unleashed movement, ahhhhhhhhh, thank you Liz!

My life has been pretty mental for a while now, and  a combination of life responsibilities, work, and some pesky physical ailments (including a pretty bad fall where I landed on my head), have meant I’ve been approaching the dance with a certain caution and some hesitancy. I’ve felt like I couldn’t really let go and trust in my body to support me. But tonight, booom! I guess it was a combination of a certain readiness in myself, and the brilliant, spacious and beautifully clear guidance from Liz, who brought us all into a powerful and focused dance, a natural unfolding into the mysterious joy of free movement. But last and by no means least there was the music. Oh, the music! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We all have different musical tastes, a kind of vibrational resonance with styles and types of music based on our history.  The playlist, and the way it was elegantly blended together, played the perfect notes to unlock my resonance code.

One of the most beautiful elements of the 5Rhythms practice, and dance in general, is dancing with others. This can happen in groups, with partners and other creative combinations. Tonight was particularly inspiring in that respect. The energy in the group was so full, excited and completely released. There were so many beautiful, free and creative dancers there and I was lucky enough to dance with a few of these amazing creatures. Some of the dances were just wow! Undulations of co-creative back and forths. Freedom roars and spontaneous rhythm steps. In these dances the edge of where you begin and the other person ends blurs and you get to experience such a profound freedom in your movement. Where is the inspiration to move coming from? Movement flows through you both; at times you are completely just yourself, doing your own thing in it’s purist form, and at other times you are just one with the other. The dance becomes a natural organic play between these two seeming polarities and allows you to feel into the reality that these are not two separate things; we are both profoundly independent, and totally interdependent. We exist as unique souls in a network of relatedness. That’s us. Human beings, being oursleves, with others.

This is what the ground of this crazy project is about; understanding and exploring the space where we are not separate. Working with this dynamic where we can be completely ourselves, fully letting our passions out without limiting them it any way, but doing this with others, directly co-creating and seeing what emerges through our a collective symphony of passion, giving ourselves completely and letting synergy be our guide.

Sorry to keep repeating myself, but thank you Liz! And thank you to all the amazing dancers that made it such an electric and inspiring night..I’ll be back!

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