Scenius Sessions is a conscious and creative forum for people to discover and be themselves in deep and natural ways, in relationship with others. It is a container, an overarching contextual space, to learn and share skills, and to discover, explore and express their deepest passions.

The forum itself is an ongoing weekly event which is built dynamically from whoever is coming and whoever wants to share specific skills. The structure is at its heart open so that the forum can facilitate a myriad of possible creative passions that want to be explored, but there is also a necessary structure which provides an arc for each event:

  1. A consciousness/mindfulness-focused workshop/practice session led by a participant or participants (individually-led focus)
    Open to anyone developing practices that facilitate some form of consciousness/mindfulness awareness and self-exploration who wants to experiment in a forum where they do not need to have qualifications or any formal teaching experience. These practices can be anything from conscious dance to different forms of meditation/mindfulness practices.
  2. A multi-disciplinary jam session (collectively-led focus)
    An improvised performance session that is open to any performance/creative discipline where we get to create a living performance in real-time, born out of shared and natural inspiration. Participants are not required to be experts or professionals, only a sincere interest in letting go deeply and learning how to let deeper individual and collective inspiration guide one’s creative expression.
  3. An open enquiry space
    A space to enquire into the discoveries from the forum and to integrate and understand what has emerged. It is also a chance to deepen into the process of learning to be ourselves with others, and doing this through conscious dialogue and enquiry.